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Identity Management
Domain: User Authentication

Business requirements consist of providing user authentication and authorization based on Active Directory, LDAP and single sign on technologies. Different business units in ARC do authentication and authorization differently right now. There needs to be a common authentication and authorization model. Microsoft Active directory will act as a primary source of user data. User authentication needs to be reconciled across business units that use peoplesoft, siebel and learning management system called plateau (J2EE Application).

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On-line Image Management
Domain: Web Services

The goal is the design of a system that manages digital images as a Webservice, specifically focused for use by larger or international organizations. The system will be used by professional photographers to deliver their photo's and by print shops, both possibly external to the organization that deploys the image system.

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Manufacturing / Printing System Simulator
Domain: Simulation

The goal is to design a general-purpose simulator for a mechanical process. This proposal addresses a specific domain within embedded systems: that where software must control the transport of physical objects through various way points where physical actions are applied to them. Some examples from this domain include manufacturing assembly lines, printing systems, railroads. Software is needed to simulate the physical system so that the software being designed to control that system can be empirically tested.proposal.

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Providing Remote Services
by Daan Hoogland
Domain: Service Configuration

The maintenance people of a service provider have to administer and configure devices and daemons running on server machines. This can be quite cumbersome and is a good candidate for automation.

A system for configuring and maintaining a network of devices for routing and processing and receiving ip data must be maintained. A lot of it is automated. But this is not standard of the shelf software. Big and small service providers often build their own.

The systems involved run very different hardware. Some are configurable through snmp interfaces others through html over http interfaces. Again others run commandline interfaces on proprietary operating systems.

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Teamwork for Physical Therapists of Children
Domain: Workflow Support

The problem is to design a system that can help a small team of physical therapists that treat children, to communicate between team members, with doctors and with parents. When treating children, continuity is very important, communication with parents plays a role, and the children themselves are often not able to participate in the planning and keeping track of treatment as an adult would do.

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