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Case Management
by Gail Harris (formerly Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group/DRT Systems, now Instantiated Software Inc.)
Domain: Workflow Support

Case Management is a business function common to government health benefit programs, and insurance and financial organizations. The problem you are here to solve today is to develop an object oriented framework for use in developing specific case management systems to support case workers in these industries. These systems must provide access to all necessary information for case workers to process work or respond to customer service needs. They may also provide workflow and business rules processing to support case workers. As the main incoming channel for cases is frequently the telephone, the system must have sub-second response times and be intuitive to use.

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Interactive Television Applications
by Andrew Eland (BBC New Media and Technology)
Domain: Infrastructure

Digital television allows interactive content to accompany standard broadcasts. The development of bespoke interactive content is expensive. You are to design a system that will allow the non-technical producers of television programmes to build interactive content from a set of high-level building blocks.

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by Matthew Davis and Daan Hoogland
Domain: Think tools

People that have the chance to participate in a symposium can have some optional course assigned. To get these assignments rounded up, a registrar needs to know the preferences of the candidates and the available time slots they have. This is basically the DesignFest registration problem. It has a somewhat wider application however.

On one hand this is a preliminary version, a concept. On the other hand this problem has been defined about every year a DesignFest was held at OOPSLA. The real origin of the problem definition is subject to mythology.

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