A Virtual Science Lab Solution (Wed, half-day)

Problem Description

Experiences recored by J. D. Baker:


This session got off to a bit of a rocky start. There were two groups scheduled to prepare a design for the Virtual Computer Science Lab. The moderators for each of the groups were unable to attend the session, so we decided to combine the two groups into a single group of 8 participants.

One of the participants volunteered to be the moderator. We achieved consensus to use UML for the design description.

With the housekeeping issues decided, we had a short discussion about what we hoped to accomplish in what remained of the four hours. We decided that the problem as presented was too big for the allotted time so we attempted to identify a cohesive piece of the problem to model.

We began by reading the Use Case (scenario?) out loud. We moved quickly to an XP-like process. One group member with domain knowledge was chosen to act as the customer to enable us to identify requirements.

We spent a lot of time on analysis, creating user stories, selecting the most important ones, and making use cases out of them. Our final product was a very rough beginning on the analysis level lasses.

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