DesignFest® Group: Wednesday Full Day "Network Document Distribution"




We first tried to define the scope and boundary of the system. Because there was no domain expert available, it took us a while to understand the problem. Holly Beck from the AnalysisFest was a good helper by supporting our assumptions.

By looking at the Use Cases we decided first to concentrate on the external systems we had to talk with. This helped us to narrow down the problem. We formulated the main UseCase as a sequence diagram, but by using a system's point of view.

We then took the same Use Case, but focused on the internals of our system. That was actually the first time we really talked about objects. From that point of view this was probably the most important step. We modeled that through a CRC card session. Afterwards we captured the interactions in a sequence diagram.

We found it quite easy to translate what we had at that point into a class diagram.

Assumptions we made

  1. The user connects to the web site and logs in, with a password. (The User ID is stored from this transaction, to be sent in the XML stream.)
  2. The client is then presented with a list of documents.
  3. The client selects a document template, fills it out, and clicks on a button to indicate the document is completed. (The Document ID was part of the template, and so is automatically transmitted with the completed document information.)
  4. The User ID, the Document ID, and the values entered by the client are sent in an XML stream that is received by our system.

Other important points we decided on

Further considerations:

Overall impression

We finished in time, on budget ;-) and besides had fun!