Flextier problem

This is a rather cryptic report on the 2001 designfest group, in the tuesday full-day session, that worked on the flextier problem. Except for me all the guys had a first name starting with an "A", and the girls where colleagues.
image of the group before the work started.



There are 2 actors - top and bottom; so how to make flexible?

Missing authentication and validation.

What does flexible mean?

Is easy to change individual service must not change service API?

API is extendible?

Easy to add services?



Use Cases

Presentation Tier:

presentation tier use-cases


maintainer use-cases


candidate class responsibility cards

Sequence Diagram


Annotation: Calling the GetProperties method brings up a complexity concerning the mapping of properties to services. The issue is: Are you calling GetProperties for a hierarchy of services, or are you calling GetProperties as you traverse the hierarchy of services.

Service Specification annotation: If we make it that flexible, it knows what kind of information it needs (because it does the lookup). The issue is that we don't pass any parameters to it, because again it is THAT flexible.

image of the group after the work was done.

The ice-cream presentation

Arturo and Daan are presenting the stuff. Arturo and Daan and all the stuff.