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The Outer Space Battle Game

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Jim Heliotis (Rochester Institute of Technology)


Major Use Cases

Implementation Considrations



You are to develop a multi-player game that takes place in a shared, 2-dimensional, virtual space. Each player is at a separate work station, and navigates one vehicle through this space. The space is made visible through a graphical window. All the players' vehicles appear there, and are updated in real time. Vehicles have the capability of shooting torpedoes. If enough torpedoes hit a vehicle, it disappears, and the player is eliminated from play.

Familiarity with a GUI package, including raw graphics manipulation, is essential for the coding phase of the project.

Major User Use Cases

  1. Player joins game.
  2. Player changes direction of his/her vehicle.
  3. Player changes speed of his/her vehicle.
  4. Player shoots a torpedo.
  5. Player types in a message; all other players see the message ("chat")

There are other use cases that do not involve the user as the initiator:

Players earn a certain number of points when they successfully hit another ship with a torpedo.

Players' ships can survive a finite number of torpedo hits.

Collisions between ships cause both ships to be destroyed.

Space is of finite size, but it is arranged as a torus, which means the ends "wrap around".

Players are given a specific number of lives before they are forced out of the game.

Implementation Considerations

Here are some possible keyboard assignments.


1. Players have the ability to broadcast messages to others during play.

2. Asteroids are created at random times, with random velocities (speed is within an established range). A collision with a ship is equivalent to its being hit by two torpedoes.

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