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The OOPSLA DesignFest is about design and creativity. It was created to give OOPSLA attendees the opportunity to learn more about design by doing it. DesignFest is not about passively sitting and listening to experts talk about design. DesignFest is about sharpening your design skills by rolling up your sleeves and working on a real problem with others in the field. You can expect to interact with everyone from total beginners to textbook authors! DesignFest's history can be traced as far back as to OOPSLA '95.

The DesignFest Problem Collection

At the demand of many participants (students as well as faculty), we have compiled all problem descriptions which have ever been used at the OOPSLA DesignFest. They are available for re-use in your classes or seminars. Please tell us about your experiences.




I participated in DesignFest on Thursday afternoon. There were four of us working on the Drink Vending Machine problem. I have to report that DesignFest was the highlight of my OOPSLA experience. All of us got along really well and were able to openly discuss our ideas. It was fun learning how to adjust to each other's styles of interaction. I learned a lot from the other very knowledgable designers and I hope they learned something from me. I look forward to participating in DesignFest again the next time I attend OOPSLA.

Jeff Ortman, BORN Information Services, Minneapolis, MN

I have participated in DesignFests at several OOPSLA's and each time I have found it to be a rewarding experience. Each experience was different so I have found it to be worthwhile participating at each opportunity. The challenges include both technical (the domain problem) and interpersonal (adapting to the working styles of the other team members.) DesignFest is a great way to quickly expose yourslf to different approaches to designing systems. You get to collaborate with experienced object develoers and maybe even a "pattern guru"! You even get to benchmark your own design practices against other peoples' and assess your strengths and weaknesses. DesignFest is also a good way to get exposed to different kinds of problems from what you are used to solving.

Gerard Meszaros, Chief Architect, Solution Frameworks, Inc.

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